3 Reel Pokies Guide

3-reel pokies offer players the best odds of winning, and with fewer paylines they are also easier to grasp than many 5-reel or progressive jackpot games.

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Playing 3 Reel Pokies

If you’ve been brought up on the pokies in a Leagues Club, your local RSL or in the pub, you will probably be familiar with the format of a 3-reel online pokie.

3-reel pokies have three rotating wheels that randomly produce symbols, characters or numbers, and you win by matching them up according to the game’s paylines.  You can change the value of your coins and the number of paylines you play, as well as your minimum and maximum bets, so on some games you can wager as little as 5c, and on others as much as $250 per spin.

Our Favorite Classic 3 Reel Pokie Games:

1,3,5 Paylines: Games come in 1, 3, and 5 payline versions, so you can play at different levels.  1 payline means that there is one way to win, by matching the symbols or characters across the central line of the three reels.  In games with multiple paylines you can win in more ways, and you also have more flexibility in the size and type of wagers you can make.   5 payline games often have other bonus features such as nudge and hold options, and gamble features where after a win you can either collect or use your win to open the feature exchange.

In any of these games, you can change the value of each coin and the number of coins you wager on each spin.  The higher the wager, the bigger the payouts; often, it’s necessary to bet the maximum number of coins on each spin in order to be able to win the biggest jackpots.

1 Payline Games: Internet casinos such as Spin Palace offer a selection of 3-reel 1 payline pokies with straight forward gaming action, including Bull’s Eye and Cash Crazy.  They also offer a range of 1 payline games with some additional features and bonuses, such as Abra-Kebab-Ra, Chavin’ It Large and Cops and Robbers.

3 Payline Games: You can also find Trick or Treat, Fruit Salad, Gladiator’s Gold, Jewel Thief, Flower Power and Samurai Sevens, which are all easy-to-follow 3-reel 3 payline games for those who want to play a quick game without too many other distractions.

5 Payline Games: If you are looking for 5 payline games with clear, uncluttered screens, simple sound effects and straightforward game play, but which feature some big jackpots then ames such as Flying Ace, Belissimo, Break da Bank, Captain Cash, Happy New Year, and Zany Zebra will be of interest.

Bottom Line

If you’re new to playing pokies then the 3-reel version is a good option.  The odds are more in your favour than with 5-reel slots or progressive jackpot games, and the fewer paylines makes familiarising yourself with a new game more straightforward.  For the experienced player who prefers a quick game without too much else going on, while still having opportunities for good-sized jackpot wins, 3-reel games are also a good choice.