King Cashalot

King Cashalot

King Cashalot is a progressive pokie with simple game play and design, but that nevertheless offers big payouts often in the millions of dollars.  As one of Microgaming’s first progressive pokies it might be showing its age a little by comparison with some of the more recent video pokies, but it still remains hugely popular

How To Play

King Cashalot is a 5-reel, 9 payline progressive jackpot game running across all Microgaming’s casinos where wins pay left to right, except for the scatter symbol which pays anywhere on the reels.  There is a set coin value of $0.05, and up to 5x coins can be played per line, meaning the maximum bet ranges from $0.45 – $2.25.   All wins are multiplied by the number of coins staked per line.  In order to win the progressive jackpot, the maximum number of coins and paylines need to be played.

Symbols and Paylines

  • King symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols
  • Joker symbol is a scatter and wins are multiplies by the total bet
  • Dragon symbol is a scatter on reels 2,3,4
  • 5x wild symbol on payline 9 is the progressive jackpot
  • 5x wild symbol on paylines 1 – 8 = up to 75,000x coins (up to $3,750)
  • 4x wild symbol = up to 7,500x coins (up to $375)

King Cashalot also features the treasure bonus round which is triggered when 3x dragon scatter symbol appear on reels 2, 3 and 4.  This bonus round is another way to increase your winnings

Graphics and Sounds

A medieval banquet is the setting for King Cashalot, and it features symbols such as the King and Queen, a Jester, and various assorted foodstuffs.  The design is colourful, with exaggerated comic depictions of the characters.

The background sound effects resemble the noise of a banquet, with quasi-medieval pipe music playing throughout, which is then sharply contrasted with loud trumpet flourishes on a win.  Overall, the design doesn’t take the medieval theme too seriously and certainly isn’t attempting to create any sort of Tolkein-like fantasy world.


The progressive jackpot on King Cashalot begins at $100,000, but most wins are significantly larger than this.  The average jackpot payout is in the region $620,000 and is won roughy once every ten months, although a payout of $1.5 million was won in September 2012. The progressive jackpot is won when you hit 5x King symbols on payline 9, and it should be noted that the maximum number of coins and paylines need to be played to access the jackpot.

Special Features

The progressive jackpot is of course the big feature of King Cashalot, although it should be remembered that you need to play the maximum number of coins and paylines to have a chance of hitting the jackpot.

Other special features include the wild symbol, scatter, treasure bonus feature and an option to play on regular or expert mode.