Paysafe Casinos

Paysafe is a popular payment method that works for people who don’t have a credit card or access to online banking, but who still want to enjoy online shopping and gaming. Because Paysafe is a prepaid payment method and is not connected to a credit card or bank account, this method is also a top choice among online casino players because it allows them to have better control over their budget. Additionally, because Paysafe isn’t connected to a bank account, it provides a higher level of privacy and makes your banking information inaccessible to hackers.

Setting up a Paysafe Account

Paysafe, also known as the Paysafe card is easy to get started with. First, you need to buy a Paysafe card at a shop. You can do this at many convenience stores, newsstands, petrol stations, and supermarkets. Many of the Metro Marts in Christchurch, for example, sell Paysafe cards. If you go to Paysafecard’s website, you can even locate a sales outlet that’s nearest to you. If you’re on the road, their free iOS and Android app can help you find the nearest location where you can pop in for a Paysafe card. These apps also help you check on your Paysafe balance.

When you buy the card, you can choose the size of your card – it goes from $10, $20, $50, to $100. You can mix and match to get it to the exact amount you want. And every single penny of it will be available for your online use. And you’ve used up all the money, you just go buy another card. Each Paysafe card is valid for one year, after which up a $4 administrative fee will be deducted from the remaining balance each month.

Now, note that there isn’t an actual card involved – what you’ll get is piece of paper with a 16 digit PIN that you’ll enter when you decide to use it online.  Once you’ve spent the entire amount, the PIN is no longer valid.

If you decide to buy multiple Paysafe cards at once, there is a free “my paysafecard” feature. It’s an online tool where you can store all your Paysafe card PINs so that when you want to use them, all you have to do is enter or username and password.

Although you might use a credit or debit card to buy your Paysafe card, this does not mean that the shop has the right to keep your banking card number. It’s no different from buying your groceries at the supermarket. And of course, you could just pay for it all with cash up front. Either way, Paysafe provides a high level of anonymity – and therefore security – in your online transactions. So it’s no wonder that Paysafe card is used widely across all sorts of online purchases, including at online casinos!

Why Use Paysafe at an Online Casino

Lots of players at online casinos prefer using pre-paid cards. The advantages are two-fold. First of all, there is high level of security. As Paysafe isn’t connected to your bank account or credit card, it means that if your casino account gets hacked for whatever reason, the rest of your money, your banking information, identity and other sensitive information won’t be stolen.

Secondly, because it’s not connected to your bank account, it also means that it provides an additional level of discipline. If your Paysafe balance runs out, you’ll have to go out and buy another card. It tightly limits compulsive gambling (and even compulsive shopping!) because if you spend all that you’ve prepaid for, that’s all there is. It makes it much easier to keep within your budget.

There is one drawback to Paysafe though – while it affords a high level of anonymity and privacy and deposits are instantly credited to your casino account, most online casinos will not let you use it for withdrawals. So to get your winnings, you will have to choose another payment method.

Overall, Paysafe is one of the most trusted prepaid online payment methods. It’s won several awards in Austria, and now has a new partnership with Google Play, where Paysafe will be accepted as a payment method across Android phones and tablets.

Our Paysafe Casinos

Paysafe is widely accepted at online casinos. Here are some of the best casinos that accept Paysafe:

How to deposit with Paysafe at an Online Casino

Making a deposit at an online casino with Paysafe is a breeze. Not only are the transactions as secure as could be, but they are also instant so you can start playing right away. Exactly how you make a deposit via Paysafe will vary slightly with each casino, but generally, it goes something like this:

  1. When you are logged into your casino account, go to the ‘Banking’ menu
  2. Choose ‘Deposit’
  3. Specify how much you want to deposit
  4. Select PaySafe from the deposit options
  5. Enter your Paysafe PIN (16 digits)
  6. If you have more cards, enter more PINs, or if you using the “myPaysafe” tool, then just enter your username and password.
  7. Select ‘Done’
  8. The amount will be transferred immediately to your account and you can start playing right away.

To withdraw funds

Withdrawing from Paysafe is generally a bit more of a hassle. To begin with, most online casinos will not let you withdraw directly from Paysafe. So if you win, what do you do?

If you made a deposit via Paysafe, you can request that your withdrawals be made through another payment method. Most casinos can mail you a cheque, although this can take a while and can incur additional fees, and same with bank transfers. Generally speaking, most players making deposits with Paysafe will choose to withdraw through an e-wallet so it’s faster, with no extra charges on top. Skrill is a popular option for withdrawal, and it also happens to be owned by the same company as Paysafe.

That having been said, some casinos are implementing Paysafe’s latest feature that will let you make withdrawals. However, casinos that do Paysafe withdrawals are still a rarity.


Paysafe is one of the most popular ways for players to make deposits into their online casino accounts. Because you can buy paysafe cards with cash at your local supermarket, you don’t need to have a credit or expose your banking information online when you perform online transactions with paysafe. There are lots of sales outlets in New Zealand where you can pick up a paysafe card, which makes it a breeze. However, withdrawals are a bit more complicated in that you will have to choose another payment method to get your winnings.