Pokies Tips

Few people would argue that to win big playing online pokies you need a fair degree of luck, but that doesn’t mean you should go into a game with your eyes closed.  You’ll find detailed below some useful suggestions with regards to choosing an online casino, the type of game to play, and how to manage your betting and bankroll, that will help you to get the most from your online pokies experience. When you are done reading our pokies tips page, and you feel ready to play, check out our casino reviews page and get to know each casino better.

Choosing a game

When choosing a game to play, take a look at its paytable before you begin. On most 3 reel games the paytable is on the same screen as the reels, on 5 reel slots machines you’ll need to click a button on the reels page usually marked ‘View Payout’ or something similar. The paytable gives you info such as which symbols are wild or multipliers, or how many coins you have to wager to be eligible for major jackpots. Don’t forget to read about the free spins available at many online casinos.

High Volatility vs Low Volatility: The way you want to play should influence whether you go for a high-volatility or low-volatility online pokie.  A high volatility game will usually give higher payouts, but wins may not occur as often.  A low-volatility game might mean you win more often, but those wins are probably going to be smaller.

Odds and Payouts on 3 reel vs 5 reel vs Progressive Pokies

The choice between playing classic 3-reel, video 5-reel or progressive pokies online depends on your approach to risk and reward.

3 Reel Pokies:

  • 3 reel pokies generally have low volatility meaning they payout often, but with small payouts
  • 3 reel pokies with 1 payline offer the best odds of winning
  • 3 reel 1 payline pokies, the highest payout can range from between $50 – $5000 depending on coin size
  • 3 reel multiline pokies, max payouts can range from $250 to $25,000

5 Reel Pokies:

  • 5 reel or video slot pokies have high volatility meaning they payout less, but offer bigger payouts
  • 5 reel pokies can offer up to 1024 paylines, so the max no of coins you can bet is higher
  • 5 reel pokies have bonus rounds, multipliers increasing both the amounts and ways to win
  • To win bug amounts you need to wager high coin sizes

Progressive Pokies

  • Progressives have the highest volatility but offer life changing jackpots
  • Payout rates are on average 87%

Play Max Payline and Coin Size

Before you begin, make sure you know how much it costs to play any game per spin.  To win progressive jackpots, and for some other big payouts you will need to be playing the maximum number of coins and the maximum number of playlines.  However, if you don’t have a big bankroll, you don’t need to lose out.  Instead of reducing the number of coins and playlines aim to find a game that lets you set your coin value at an amount that’s right for you, so you can still play to the max on each spin.

Bankroll management

Most people will tell you that managing your bankroll is the key to having an enjoyable time playing online pokies.  Therefore, look for a game that gives you the most spins, at the best value.  This is especially important on games with a lot of playlines and bonus features.

Set Limits: Setting limits is important too.  Decide your budget for a session, a day, a week, or whatever timeframe you choose, and then stick to it.  If you lose your money quickly, don’t be tempted to break your budget or your schedule.  Treat each session separately, as the pokies will still be there when you’re ready to play next.  A good rule of thumb is to risk no more than 1% of your bankroll per spin.  If you set yourself $100 to play with, don’t wager more than $1 per spin.