Online Pokies Tournaments

Online pokies tournaments are multi-player events where you play for a limited period of time against other players on the same game, with the aim of winning the most money during that time. Leader boards indicate how you’re faring in the tournament against other players, and winners receive prizes for topping the table. Tournaments can range in size from just a handful of players to big events where up to 1500 players compete for substantial prize pools.

Where to play online pokies tournaments?

Most of the casinos that we list here offer the chance to compete in pokies tournaments, although we especially recommend those at Jackpot City, All Slots and Spin Palace as offering the best prizes on the best games.

How do pokies tournaments work?

In a pokies tournament, you’re competing against the other players who have entered with the aim of winning the largest amount of money on a particular game during a set period of time. The time limit allowed in a pokies tournament will vary, and can be as short as 3 minutes or up to 20 minutes in length, and the number of players you compete against will vary too. However, the larger the player pool, the bigger the prizes on offer.

In a pokies tournament, players have a coin box and a win box. Everyone in the tournament starts off with the same number of coins in their coin box, and your wager on each spin is deducted from here. Winning spins are automatically credited to your win box (losing spins don’t affect this), and the player at the end with the most coins in their win box is the victor. A play time clock lets you know how much time you have left, while an online leaderboard tells you how you are placed against the other competitors.

Types of pokies tournaments

There are two main types of pokies tournament. The first is a small-scale event known as a Sit’n’Go tournament and these operate on an ad hoc basis. To join an instant play Sit’n’Go tournament, you simply go to the tournament tab and book in to play on one of the games that are being offered. As soon as there are a sufficient number of players ready to go, which might be as few as 5, the tournament can begin.

Scheduled or set-time tournaments are usually much larger affairs with a far greater number of players and so substantially bigger prize pools. To enter one of these tournaments, you need to register in advance, and so subscribing to a casino’s newsletter, or keeping an eye on the promotions page, is the best way to stay informed about when scheduled tournaments are coming up.

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Pokies tournaments jackpots

The jackpots available for the winners of pokies tournaments can be large or small, depending on the type of tournament, the number of players competing and the size of the entrance fee.

Some tournaments are free to enter, some might charge a small $2 fee, while for the largest scheduled tournaments an entrance fee of $50 might be charged. However, this is then reflected in the size of the winnings available. For instance, at Spin Palace the prize pools can range from $50 for a small tournament up to $20,000 for large-scale events, with winning jackpot prizes of up to $5,000 available in these larger tournaments.

Why are pokies tournaments so popular?

Pokies tournaments are popular because, unlike playing poker online for instance, all players compete on a level playing field. Novice or seasoned player, your chances of winning a pokies tournament are just as good as any other player in the field. Many players also like them because they’re quick, and to compete and win doesn’t involve a huge time commitment. You can pick up a substantial prize in as little as 15 minutes.

Tips for winning online pokies tournaments:

  • bet the max, as there is nothing to be gained from having coins in your coin box at the end
  • bigger wagers = bigger wins
  • it’s important to get in as many spins as possible, so don’t waste time!
  • play the game beforehand, if possible
  • Almost every payment method is acceptable – go through our payment methods page

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