Robotika HD has ‘hatched’ from World Match Game Labs, bringing with it a pokie mixing the best of ‘the good old days’ and the modern, highly developed technology of ours.  

Although it’s only been around since June 2017, it seems it’ll be quite the hit, especially among 1980s sci-fi aficionados.

Yes, although this is a pokie for every type of player out there, the ones who’ll appreciate it the most will likely be sci-fi film and book fans – it has a futuristic theme (think Blade Runner’s vision of the future, anyway), alongside some actual SkyNet type-futuristic features – namely, the social network integration, allowing you to tweet, hare and post about your game activity straight to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, while the pokie stays open. Additionally, you can expect future-style HD graphics and audio quality.  

You can play Robotika HD at the following casinos:  

How to Play   

Despite its futuristic theme, this is still a very straightforward, easy to understand and play online pokie. There are 15 paylines, over 5 reels and 3 rows. It’s a little simple compared to some of the other whizzy online pokies we’ve seen, but that simplicity works nicely with the tense music and flashing background (more on that later). 

With bets starting at $0.01 and going up to $1.00, we would have preferred to have seen higher bets available, but at least the amounts given manages to satisfy players who don’t want to risk too much of their bankroll on a brand new pokie. Just like with other pokies, once you’ve selected your bet, you spin the reels and see if you’ve won. 

The symbols consist of:  

  • Regular symbols: the lowest value symbol you can spin are the robot cogs. Different colours pay out different amounts, from up to 200x your bet for 5 green cogs, to up to 100x your bet, for 5 purple cogs.  
  • Stacked symbols – the robots of the title make an appearance in the stacked symbols. Winning one robot stacked symbol will give you 2x your bet, while winning all 5 will see you winning a huge 10,000x your bet.  
  • Wild symbols – this substitutes itself for any other symbol which might give you a winning line, and literally is a symbol saying ‘Wild’.  
  • Free Spins symbols – again, this is a symbol literally saying ‘Free Spins’ – win 3 of these (or more) to get different amounts of free spins. 

The piece de resistance has to be the pokie’s bonus game. Once you win 3 bonus feature symbols, you’ll be taken to a clock-like circuit with bonus multipliers around it. Spin the wheel to get one of the multipliers – 5x, -10x, -20x, 50x, 100x  


Unfortunately, Robotika HD doesn’t have a standard jackpot, much less a progressive one. Having said that, the extra features provided can give you some nice little wins too, such as the bonus round mentioned above, or by winning the 5 stacked robot symbols, which will see you receiving a 10,000x multiplier on your stake.  

Mobile Version 

Robotika HD plays fantastically on mobile and tablet devices, operating smoothly on the iOS, Android and Windows phones we tried it on. As yet, there are no extra mobile-only pokie bonuses available for Robotika HD, but you never know how that could change in the future.  

Special features 

Robotika HD would do well to have more special features available, and here’s what it does have:  

  • Social network integration – Robotika HD integrates with your social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) meaning you can post, tweet or share your game highlights – while leaving your game open and running.   
  • Wild symbols – these substitute for other symbols on your spin. 
  • Free spin symbols – get 3 or more Free Spins symbols to be awarded some free spins, active on all paylines.  
  • Free spins on special symbols – these are extra Free Spin symbols, replacing other special symbols (namely the Wild symbol and the Scatter robot symbols). 

Graphics and Sounds 

This is one great sounding (and looking) pokie – even on mobile. 

The graphics stay faithful to the 1980s sci-fi vibe, but clearly were designed in the here and now.  They’re detailed and high-resolution, and the background illuminates as you watch, lighting up something which looks like a robotic circuit. 

It sounds great too – in fact, it sounds like every late-1980s sci-fi film you’ve seen, from Ghost in the Shell to Blade Runner, even Stranger Things! When you click to start your spin, you’ll hear some robotic-like whirring, but you’ll most likely notice just how good the sound is. Because it’s really high quality, even better to hear that somewhat familiar theme with!

Bottom Line 

Robotika HD is an interesting concept – trying to hark back to the 1980s, while its technology, sound and graphics put it very definitely in our time period. Otherwise, it’s a pretty straightforward online pokie, which is well-optimised for mobile and tablets. Ideally, there would be more extra features, but actually, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and this is definitely a pokie which does what it sets out to do.